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Are you are finding it harder than ever before to survive disruptions that threaten your current way of life?

Here is your opportunity to hear from someone who has not only survived disruptive shocks but also leveraged them to create opportunities.

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Creating Opportunities From Disruptive Shocks

What is a Disruptive Shock?

what is a disruptive shock

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Why Should You Take This Opportunity?

Leaders are finding it harder than ever before to survive disruptions that threaten their current way of life. But is just surviving enough?

The ability to identify, survive and then leverage the right current and emerging disruptions (including disruptive shocks like COVID-19) at the right time is the new must-have skill set that all leaders need in their arsenal.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar applies to all types of organizations ranging from small businesses to large multi-national enterprises, non-profits, NGOs, and governments.

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Disruptive Shock Webinar


Creating Opportunities From Disruptive Shocks

The host for this important topic is Phil McKinney.

Phil retired as CTO of Hewlett-Packard at the end of 2011 and was convinced to not retire and take over as President and CEO of CableLabs, the "Bell Labs" of the cable industry in June of 2012.

Over his career, he has had to innovate through a wide range of disruptions including; SARS impact to supply chains, leading on-site rapid innovation work at the request of the White House in response to Katrina, leading large global organizations in response to economic and political turmoil and helping governments innovate through recovery such as Rwanda.

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During This Free Webinar Training, You Will Learn:

  • How organizations and industries that were impacted by disruptive shocks in the past what could have been done to create opportunities.   

  • Develop business skills, analysis, tools and strategies to plan for the impact of disruptive shocks.

  • Equip the participants to apply timing analysis so they can prioritize the responses to create a competitive advantage for their organization.

  • Answer Your Questions Live. This is not a pre-recorded training. Join Phil McKinney live and he'll answer your questions throughout the presentation.

WARNING: This on demand webinar will be available for a limited time so do not delay in taking advantage of this free training.